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Here you can submit a tattoo technical question to John. Because of the mass amount of emails we receive everyday we can not promise all questions will be answered but all emails will be read and taken into consideration.

1 thing we ask is that please do not use this feature for anything other than tattoo tech related info. Alot of email comes in requesting tattoo flash art. The only free flash we supply at the moment is located at
Body Art Web Free Flash

Due to some Idiots sending in thousands of spam mails a day to this email address we are now turning off the address. If you want to have your website visited just ask us to add it to the links section and we will do it. From now there will be a pay section for you to ask questions due to those certain people. I promise with the pay section you will be even more happy that you are now with what we give you. Until the pay section is up please email all request to. with the headline of tattoo question or tech tip. Sorry for the inconveniece.

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