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Crystal Bettencourt

Marked Mortal 1




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Back piece before color

Back piece after color

Crystal Bettencourt

Crystal Bettencourt



San Jose, CA

Q1. Describe each of your tattoos, where they are, who done by ( you may include shop name and link if available) and what they symbolize to you if any.
A: My 1st tat was a simple vine on my rt. breast, it was done by Joe Lujan of Bad Boys Body Grafix in Coyote, CA....this was a suppose to be a deterent so that I could see how much pain was involved before getting the one around my navel that I really wanted! Obviously it didn't second tat was the flowers around my navel, also done by Joe (freehand), I had wanted them for almost a year before I finally had it 3rd tat was the dragon on my rt. calf, it was inked by Milton also of Bad 4th tat is the vine on the top of my foot (my mom has a matching one on her opp.foot), it was done by Paco of New Skool in San Jose, 5th tat was my back piece, it is being inked by Andy Johnson of Bad Boys, it represents my family. The top 2 flowers are my mom & dad, respectfully, and the lower is me. The exploding heart represents my parents explosive divorce. There will be flames & kanji's above each flower & the vines will wrap around to my breasts & hips. I won a Best back & Best overall female category in San Francisco in June 1999 with this piece. My latest tat is the devil/angel roasting marshmallows over an open fire, it's located "below the belt" and is being inked by Andy Johnson.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo and how did you react weeks after it was on your body?
A: I was nervous & excited.....I couldn't believe that I was finally getting my ink, even though it wasn't the piece I wanted to get first. They talked me into placing something small where it could be well hidden before inking my belly. I was hyped up, wanted to show everyone! And I couldn't wait to get my belly done.

Q3. How do you choose your artists and your work?
A: I was referred to this shop by my Piercer. I checked each of their portfolios and watched them work before I made my first appointment.

Q4. How many tattoos are too many?.
A: No such thing!

Q5. What advise can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?
A: Be sure of what you want and where you want it. Check out a few different shops to find one that you're comfortable in and you like the work that you see.

Q6. If you received a piece you were not happy with, would you go back to the same artist and let him/her know or just move on and get it modified / covered.
A: I'd let them know. If you let it go, they might make the same mistake again & again. And there's a possibility that they might have a solution to fix whatever I don't like about the piece.

Q7. When you walk into a tattoo shop what do you feel the most important thing an artist can do for a customer?
A: Eye contact, acknowledge the customer. Answer their questions with a professional attitude.

Q8. Do you think the cleanliness of a shop reflects on an artists work?
A: Absolutely

Q9. Do you put a price limit on you're the work you receive and if so how high will you go?
A. No.

Q10. Do you have any work in progress and/or see any specific work in your near future?
A:Yes. Both my backpiece and my devil/angel are in progress. I have a long way to go on my back....we have started adding color, but only about 4 hours worth so far. We've added color to the flames of my devil/angel too.


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