: Gillan Arcoleo

Age: November 8th,  - Scorpio

Location: I live on the East Coast - NJ
I have been traveling since I was a baby. I have already
lived all over Europe, in about 20 US States, The Bahamas,
and a few other places. I travel at least four months of the
year, every year. I have already been everywhere there is to
go that I could ever think of going.
My favorites have been Australia,
Hawaii, Amsterdam

Occupation: I do work in the tattoo business, I am also a Tattooist and a Piercer.
I am also a pro musician and have recorded
a few cool albums so far....

Hobbies: These would include weapons, as in swords,
knives, martial arts weapons. I love all forms of body art like
tattoos, Piercings, body modifications, and love doing the convention thing.
I am a fan, art, reading, movies, SCI-fi, martial arts, runes, and much more.

Music: I have been playing the drums for over 30 years
now and  have played every style of music there is. I enjoy all
forms of music and enjoy playing all forms of music.
I listen to everything form blues to classical, to swing to techno,
to heavy metal to classic rock.

Tattoos: I have over 280 tattoos on me that were done by over
twenty artist all over the world. The first was done when I was 14..
You can see a list of my art and my photos 

Future: My future is to be with one very special person
and to keep myself nice and busy. To open a new tattoo
shop someday soon. Expand on The Body Art Web and make it into
the main page for all body art / mods on the internet.

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